MLP's Offer Stability

MLP's Offer Stability

Partners are protected from liability

MLP's Have Tax Benefits

MLP's Have Tax Benefits

Tax deductions offer better ROI

MLP's Provide investment Opportunities

MLP's Provide investment Opportunities

They offer a wider variety of investments

Master Limited Partnerships Are Profitable

The oil and natural gas drilling and delivery industry is costly but also profitable. Because oil is used for different purposes depending on the type of oil that is extracted in that country its important to know which oil sector to get monetarily involved with. In the United States, Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are involved in the infrastructure of the oil and natural gas energy sector.

MLPs are a public entity and not a private entity that involves partnerships that are publicly traded entities. Any asset that is used in the extraction of oil to transportation falls under this category, hence all processes are catered for by the MLPs.

Energy infrastructure assets in the U.S. are developed by MLPs. In 1986 the MLPs acquired a status of being tax preferred to contribute to the development of the state too. Good infrastructure contributed to buy well-maintained physical assets makes many processes and activities that are carried out in a country to run in a smoother way.

A lot of income is generated too, hence growth is achieved. MLPs have agents located in the different areas of the US who assist people to join them and give them all the information required.

If you are researching the reliability, stability and benefits of investing in the oil and gas industry or the renewable energy industry then look no further. Our "FREE Investors Guide" can show you how these investments work and how you can start getting monthly income.

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Master Limited Partnerships

Learn How MLP's Offer the Best Protection for Your Investments

Annual K1

Investors get annual K-1 tax forms, rather than 1099s. MLP dividends technically are distributions, and more than 80% of the industry’s payouts are tax-deferred. The taxed portion is treated as ordinary income, because they aren’t subject to corporate taxes.


The dividend’s tax-deferred portion cuts investors’ cost basis in MLP units (aka shares) and is subject to taxes when the units are sold. Many investors avoid these taxes if they hold the units until death and their estates are below the current $5 million inheritance-tax threshold.


The biggest problem for MLPs is that they pay out nearly all of their cash flow in distributions, making them rely on capital markets to fund projects. This also makes the distributions vulnerable to setbacks. A drop this year in prices for oil and natural-gas liquids has hurt the sector.